Hero Duet - Five features that make it a better value for money than Honda Activa 5G.

When it comes to Two-wheelers in India, 110CC gearless scooters are quite popular mainly
because of its ease of riding. The sales of the Scooters have been increasing day by day. Although the scooter segment has a lot to choose from, but as a matter of fact, Honda Activa has been a dominant player in its segment since a decade. So, in this article, I'll be presenting the five features of Hero Duet, which make it a better scooter than Honda Activa.

Hero Duet - Five feature that make it a better value for money than Honda Activa 5G.


Although the overall look of the Hero Duet looks quite similar to Honda Activa, its smiling chrome strip on the front looks quite appealing. The silencer of the scooter is much more similar to bikes rather than any other scooters. Honda Activa carries an old designed Silencers while the Hero Duet comes with a stylish silencer and also the mirrors come with the dual color combination, which makes it quite attractive.

2.Instrument Cluster.

The Instrument console of the Hero Duet gets a stylish design with a semi-digital layout. The speedometer and fuel indicator are analog while it gets service reminder, trip meter, and a side stand indicator as digital. Additionally, Hero has provided with a pass switch light in the Duet, which is quite a handy feature while overtaking during the night.

3.Luggage Space

When it comes to luggage space, Hero Duet offers 2 litres of an extra storage area than the Honda Activa- the segment leader. In Addition, it also gets a USB charging port along with a boot light beneath the seat.

Hero Duet - Five feature that make it a better value for money than Honda Activa 5G.

4.Performance and Suspension

Even though the power generated by Hero Duet and Honda Activa 5G is similar, but as the weight of the Duet is more than Activa by about 7 KG, it stays much more stable during high speeds and cornering. The front tyres get a telescopic suspension, one which is used in bikes and it does provides added comfort during rough roads and emergency braking. Both of the scooters get spring loaded suspension on the rear tyres, thus ensuring comfort for the passenger on the back seat. The real world mileage of both scooters is about 45kmpl in the real world.

5. Price

Pricing is an essential factor while buying any vehicle. Hero MotorCorp is known for affordable pricing and the Duet VX  and Duet Lx is priced at Rs.48,000 and Rs.53,000 respectively. comparatively, the Hero Duet is affordable than Activa by about 4-5 thousand rupees, which makes it a true value for money.

So, with the advanced features, design, and technology, Hero Duet is a better value for money.

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